An artful homecoming: Mayfield students celebrate return of ‘Mr. D’ from Afghanistan

Mayfield Elementary Principal Heather Vance speaks at an assembly held on Wednesday to celebrate the return of art teacher Nathan Denryter from a tour of duty in Afghanistan.

Mayfield Elementary students lined the hallway early Wednesday morning in preparation for a homecoming celebration for their beloved art teacher, Nathan Denryter (also known as “Mr. D”), who recently returned from a tour of duty in Afghanistan.

The students prepared for the event by crafting colorful and creative posters that spelled out “Welcome back Mr. D.”

In her introduction, Mayfield Principal Heather Vance talked about how Mayfield students used the opportunity to learn about the world through their teacher’s writings on his “Dispatches with Mr. D” online blog. She also thanked students and staff for their concern throughout Denryter’s tour.

“While he was away, so many of you were asking about him, sending him cards and packages,” she said. “Today he’s back and he’s ready to start teaching Art again.”

And while Art wasn’t his subject matter of choice while he was away, LCS Superintendent Matt Wandrie commended Denryter for still being a teacher while he was 7,000 miles from home.

“I’d like to offer my thanks to Mr. D not only for his service, but for staying connected to our schools and students while he was gone,” Wandrie said. “Many of you got to see firsthand what it’s like to serve in the military. Even though he was gone, he didn’t stop being a teacher.”

Wandrie closed by thanking Denryter for following through on the one thing he demanded of him before he left in September.

“I want to thank him for coming home safely,” he said. “That’s the one thing we asked him to do.”

Denryter, who also teaches art at Seaton Elementary, received a plaque commemorating his service from Dick Krieger representing the American Legion. Denryter, in turn, presented Mayfield with an American Flag that flew during a mission in Afghanistan.

Click here to see photos from the celebration on Flickr.

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