W-I-N-N-E-R: Carson Bouchey wins Mayfield Elementary Spelling Bee

5th-grader Carson Bouchey reacts to his victory in the Mayfield Spelling Bee Thursday afternoon.

Carson Bouchey, a 5th grader at Mayfield Elementary, won the school’s spelling bee on Thursday afternoon and the right to compete in the county bee on March 28th at North Branch High School.

Carson, a student in Mr. Losinger’s class, was in the final pairing with Samantha Hanson from Mr. Back’s class.

The bee lasted 34 minutes (14 rounds) and finished when Carson correctly spelled the word “foreground.”

The following students participated: Ben Rogers, Haley Turner, Shane Welch, Michael Woodhams, Samson DeClercq, Sydnee Demskee, Breanna Holt, Kaylen Winther, Frankie Hardenburgh, Alaina O’Neill, Brennan Vollmers, Samantha Hanson and Carson Bouchey.

Great job everyone!

Click here to see photos from the spelling bee.

Watch the final rounds:

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