30 students at Rolland-Warner Middle School earn highest rank for citizenship

As part of Rolland-Warner Middle School’s overall school improvement goal, all students earned a citizenship grade in each class during the first trimester in an effort to encourage positive behaviors such as showing respect, contributing in class, being timely with attendance, being prepared, and cooperating with others in the classroom setting.

The following 30 students earned the highest mark of “Outstanding” in all seven of their classes for the trimester.

Students received “Rolland-Warner Outstanding Citizen” t-shirts to recognize their efforts. This is separate from honor roll or grade point average, and provides parents additional information regarding the progress of their student. We will again be recognizing students at the end of Trimester #2. Keep up the good work!

Outstanding Citizenship Award Trimester #1, 2011

6th grade:

  • Drake Bradshaw
  • Anna Fischer
  • Matthew Lutz
  • Issa Smith
  • Matthew Todd

7th grade:

  • Kayla Birker
  • Taylor Blaine
  • Alyssa Eisenger
  • Kaylee Elkins
  • Natalie Fleming
  • Ashley Hayden
  • Nellie Heller
  • Carly Kerchen
  • Emily Kirsammer
  • Lindsey Malson
  • Gabrielle Patykowski
  • Logan Payne
  • Nichole Pflanzer
  • Layne Price
  • Sarah Ridenour

8th grade:

  • Amy Brennan
  • Sydney Brown
  • Calla Fantin
  • Skyler Garwolds
  • Allison Johnson
  • Nina Kilmer
  • Abigail Kolvek
  • Rachel Metter
  • Marissa Pruitt
  • Hannah Schultz
  • Zeno Vettese
  • Jonpaul Wallace

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