LCS employees get ‘refresher course’ on energy conservation

LCS Superintendent Matt Wandrie kicked off the district's "Refresher Course on Energy" on Monday at the Administration and Services Center.

LAPEER, Michigan — More than 50 employees of the Lapeer Community Schools got a refresher course in energy conservation on Monday afternoon. LCS Superintendent Matt Wandrie expressed gratitude to the employees who came to the kick-off meeting to learn about the district’s plan to save money through energy conservation.

“I’ve been excited about this project ever since the first time I heard of it,” Wandrie said. “(Conservation) is something we can control … and it can add up to big dollars.”

How big?

Rob DeBoer, an energy consultant from Michigan School Business Officials (MSBO), said the savings, according to the EPA, can be as high as 30 percent; but, DeBoer pointed out, the amount of savings is directly related to the speed at which an energy conservation strategy is implemented. Initial estimates for LCS are in the $100,000-200,000 range annually.

“What we can do with that amount of money is significant,” Wandrie said. “And it’s savings into perpetuity.”

Wandrie said the Lapeer Community Schools must be committed to making energy conservation a part of the culture.

LCS Assistant Superintendent Kevin Rose will be the point man for the district’s conservation plan, which will involve the cooperation and input of students, teachers, administrators and support staff. Each building in the district will have several representatives tied to the implementation of the plan.

A major component of the project will be communications. In order to achieve the maximum amount of savings, there must be a consistent effort to keep everyone aware of the multitude of ways to save on energy and how conservation benefits everyone.

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