Judy Moody author visits Murphy Elementary students via Skype

Roger, a third grade student at Murphy Elementary, speaks to Megan McDonald (on screen) via Skype on Thursday. McDonald is the acclaimed author of the Judy Moody series.

Amy Duncan’s third grade classroom at Murphy Elementary was chosen to take part in a Skype visit with acclaimed author Megan McDonald. Best known for her Judy Moody series, McDonald spoke to the students from her office in California on Wednesday afternoon.

Before fielding questions from the group, McDonald asked the students if they saw anything they recognized in her office. The students quickly pointed out kinds of things they remembered from her various books, including what they called the “world’s largest jawbreaker.”

The students prepared for her virtual visit by reading her books and formulating questions for her.  McDonald has been sending some freebies to the school, including her newest book which won’t be released to the public until March. McDonald revealed the name of her new book to the class, telling them that they were the first kids in the country to know the title.

The video will be posted here as soon as it is processed.


3 thoughts on “Judy Moody author visits Murphy Elementary students via Skype

  1. This is a great project. My daughter really enjoyed the visit. It is great to see how technology is being used in our schools!

  2. My daughter was counting down the days prior to the visit. She loved the whole experience. What a great opportunity to get the class excited about reading!

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