Rolland-Warner to start Homework Club on Tuesdays and Thursdays

Rolland-Warner Middle School will be starting a Homework Club on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4-5 in the media center. A gracious community member has volunteered to supervise the students in the media while several teachers have volunteered to be there once in a while to help out. Also, the athletic and attendance secretary, Jackie Deane, has volunteered to help out a few times each month.

Students will be able to have a quiet place in which to work, study for tests, make-up missing assignments, etc. 7th and 8th grade core class assignments have been posted on the Moodle site so that students can access missing work and complete it. Our volunteer, Bridgette, will also be communicating with teachers about upcoming tests and forming study groups for students. The Moodle site will continue to hold more resources for students as the year goes on.

If your son or daughter needs time and a little extra help, perhaps he/she can come to the Homework Club.


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