Lapeer Community Schools to conduct telephone survey

The Lapeer Community Schools will conduct a community telephone survey on October 18-21.  The survey is step one in a process designed to engage the community in shaping the future of the Lapeer Community School District.

School Board President Peggy Bush said that the Board wants to engage the community in shaping a long-range plan for the school curriculum and school facilities.  “We enter this process with no preconceived notions.  Our goal is simply to work with members of our community to continue maintaining and enhancing Lapeer’s educational program.  The survey is the first step in this process”

Superintendent Matt Wandrie said that demands on schools have been increasing.  “At the same time technology continues to influence how and when instruction is delivered,” he said.  “As we develop plans for the future, we want to know what people think our school district ought to look like in five, ten, or 15 years.”

Survey respondents will be asked questions about several topics including school communication, District strengths and weaknesses, and school finance.  Respondents also will be asked to grade various School District programs and services.

“The information we obtain from this survey will be used by the Board of Education in strategic and financial planning,” said Wandrie.  “We believe that it is important to listen to members of our community and to ask them what they expect from their schools.”

Wandrie said that the researchers will be calling randomly selected parents as well as residents without school-age children.  “The survey will take about ten minutes to complete,” he said.  “I urge those community members who are called to help the schools by participating in this important project.”

Once the survey responses are coded and analyzed, a report will be prepared for the Board of Education and members of the community.

Questions about the survey project can be directed to Superintendent Matt Wandrie at 810/667-2401.


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