Fish on the look-out for readers at Seaton Elementary

Devon Kozar and Ellie Greene, two of Seaton Elementary's avid readers.

Seaton Elementary has a new friend. Bob, beta fish, arrived looking to find kids who love to read. Boy did he come to the right place. Each day, Mrs. Chouinard, Seaton’s principal, will check in on classrooms during independent reading time, part of Reading Workshop, and choose two or three students that are engaged in reading to read to Bob. According to his memoir, he has “hit the jackpot” in his search for readers at Seaton Elementary. Each day a page is added to the memoir to keep everyone up to date on his experiences.

Mrs. Chouinard says, “The idea came when Target sent the book, “Memoirs of a Goldfish” to the school as a gift. I read it to each class and we all really enjoyed it. Our school is looking for ways to increase student’s love for reading and I thought this would be something we could all have fun with.”


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