Lapeer leads: Performance evaluation is key to achieving educational goals

Lapeer Community Schools is among the leaders in putting in place processes aimed at the evaluation of student achievement and teacher performance data.

Lapeer leads.

Dynamic school districts must adapt as changing conditions require. In the Lapeer Community Schools, we continually strive to stay current in our approach to the task of teaching every child. To do this, we must advance every day with expectations for teachers, students and administration.

A great example of this can be seen in the realm of performance evaluation. The Lapeer Community Schools is the only district in the Flint Metro League, and one of a small percentage statewide, that has implemented a Growth Model for teacher evaluation and student achievement data.

We’ve also put a tremendous amount of effort into keeping teachers and administrators apprised of the state-level legislative reforms that have been put in place in the last year. It is important that all of us are aware of new realities in education.

It is the overarching goal of the Lapeer Community Schools to continue to improve student learning. To do this, we must be open to consistent evaluation processes like TPEP (Teacher Performance Evaluation Process).

I want to commend everyone involved in keeping the Lapeer Community Schools on the leading edge of achievement. I especially want to applaud the TPEP Committee for its commitment to excellence on behalf of everyone in the District.

— Matt Wandrie, LCS Superintendent


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