East bowler rolls her first 300

From the LA VIEW:
Justice Schihl, a 16-year-old junior at Lapeer East became the first female and first youth bowler to roll a perfect game at Gerlach’s Bowling Center on Feb. 10.

Shihl was bowling during the East high school league, putting her up for Metro League honors. She fired a 176 and 193 in her first two games for a 669 series. She’s been bowling since the fourth grade and is three-year varsity player for East. Brother Austin also bowls for East as a sophomore.

“The closest I’ve ever come to 300 was a 235,” Schihl told the View Newspapers Monday as she watched a brand new banner announcing her accomplishment go up above Lanes 3 and 4, where she had been bowling last Thursday. “I knew I was close when I had seven strikes in a row,” she added. “I was nervous, but kept it all inside. Everyone was starting to circle around the lanes to watch.”

Schihl credits her dad for getting her involved in bowling and she also plays tennis on East’s junior varsity squad.

“I like that (bowling) is all you,” Schihl explained. “If you mess up, it’s all on you.”

To celebrate, Schihl was taken to dinner by her mom, grandpa and boyfriend.

‘This is just a special accomplishment and I’m going to try to just let that stand as I prepare for the Baker match and then Regionals on Feb. 25,” Schihl added. “I especially want to thank my grandpa, mom and stepdad, Tony, for supporting and paying for my bowling.”

Commenting on Schihl’s accomplishment, East coach Anthony Novick said, “I’ve had her for two years. She works hard, is at every practice and is a team captain. She is a leader on the squad and helped the team tie for second place in the Metro League. She made Second Team All-Metro, her first time for the accomplishment. Because she’s just a junior, it will be nice to have her back next year. She’s a good listener, and that helps in her bowling.”
The banner that now hangs at at the bowling alley reads: Justice Schihl bowled 300 on 2-10-11. First Female ever @ Gerlach’s Bowling Center.

Photo by Lisa Paine
Photo caption:
Justice Schihl was surrounded by coaches Ken Sexton, Anthony Novick and Cody Crump.


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