Lapeer West football press box named in honor of volunteer "Herbie" Matheson

To honor the late Destain Herbert “Herbie” Matheson, a long time Lapeer West High School football announcer, athletic clock operator and official, the Lapeer Board of Education Thursday named the press box at Fitzpatrick Field in his honor.

Herbie Matheson gave more than 40 years of volunteer service to Lapeer High School and Lapeer West High School athletics department as an announcer and supporter of the school’s athletic programs.

In addition to announcing football games and operating the time clock, Herbie Matheson also served as a clock operator for Lapeer West basketball games.

At the time of his death, many people made memorial contributions to Lapeer West High School in his honor.

“I believe this is a fitting way to remember the memory and service of a great friend of Lapeer High School and Lapeer West High School,” said Tim Zeeman, athletic director at Lapeer West. “From 1984-1994, Herbie was most ‘at home’ in the West press box.”

Herbie was born on January 2, 1936 and died on January 21, 2000.


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