School employees volunteer to serve the troops at sendoff at Lapeer East

As part of a community send off for the Michigan National Guard Unit in Lapeer, four Lapeer Community Schools’ bus drivers have volunteered their time to transport the soldiers from the armory to the ceremony at Lapeer East High School on Monday, April 6th.

Four drivers, Cindy Mullin, Fred Anstette, Basil King and Donnal Teasley, one more than needed to drive the soldiers over to the school and back volunteered their time to be part of the event.

Gayle Early, a food service employee, also donated her time to help serve a private dinner at the school.

Lapeer East dean of students John Gonzales, a Vietnam veteran, is donating his time to oversee the event.

“The three buses we are planning on using will be cleaned up and decorated with the flags we have been using on our parade buses,” said Jerry Podzikowski, director of transportation. “ The drivers who will be driving the troops on Monday, April 6, between the Armory and East have volunteered their time for this event. They are happy to do their part.”

There will be a private dinner for the soldiers and their families at Lapeer East from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. and the public is invited for the 7 p.m. public ceremony.


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