Food banks helped by West, East students

Students from Lapeer East and Lapeer West High School helped pack meals for the hungry at a Metro League Student Council event on Thursday, March 19, 2009 at Fenton High School.

The students, five from West and two from East, were part of a group of 70 students who packed 10,152 meals in about an hour for the “Kids Against Hunger” program out of Oak Park.

Each school donated $280 to pay for the meals. About one-third of the meals were distributed to local food banks and the rest are stored at the “Kids Against Hunger” facility in Oak Park for distribution to natural disaster sites and starving countries.

“It was an awesome experience,” said West Student Council advisor Hollie Marcola. “We are going to try to have one at West soon!”

West students Caitlin O’Brien, Brittany Walker, Holly Gordon, Barbara Jones and Erica Henderson; and East students, Ashlee Eisinger and Emily Mullins, participated in the event.
See more photos here.

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