Lapeer West peer tutoring program to be showcased at Michigan Capitol

An innovative program at Lapeer West High School that partners proficient math students with students struggling with the subject has caught the attention of a Statewide organization that wants to showcase the program for State legislators on Thursday, March 26.

The Guided Academics Peer Tutoring program was spearheaded and implemented by Lapeer West Math Department Chairperson Kristen Wilcox.

West Principal Kevin Walters, Mrs. Wilcox and three students, two tutors and one guided academics student, were selected by the Michigan Association of Secondary School Principals to come to the Capitol and share the program with Legislators.

Jeremiah Welch, Stephanie Osip and Angie Marku are the three students accompanying Mrs. Wilcox to the Capitol.

“The program has produced outstanding results and fits perfectly within the vision of innovation in delivery of rigorous curriculum,” said West Principal Kevin Walters.

At the end of the first trimester, the math department identified 24 students, nearly all freshmen, who were struggling with Algebra 1, the first in a series of new graduation math requirements under the Michigan Merit Curriculum.

Instructors then identified 20 high achieving Calculus and Pre-Calculus students, some with an interest in an education career, and paired them with the struggling Algebra 1 students each day during the same hour.

“The algebra students gained tremendous self-confidence, and the upper class students learned how to explain math, step-by-step as a classroom teacher would,” Mrs. Wilcox said.


One thought on “Lapeer West peer tutoring program to be showcased at Michigan Capitol

  1. Congrats to Mrs. Wilcox and all of the students. You have all made the community very proud!As we live through the “ME” generation, it is wonderful to see these young men and women, give so selflessly of themselves. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed!

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