Lunch time is learning time too!

Lunch time is still learning time at Lapeer Community Schools.

During March, which is National Nutrition Month, students are being treated to “Eat. Learn. Live Mediterranean,” with a series of nutritious and tasty Mediterranean snack samples at the District’s elementary schools. Photos are here.

A Greek spread and a roasted pepper hummus spread were served with Pita slices. Students also tasted a special Mediterranean Chex mix.

The students were also given a tasting survey to see which of the snacks they like and which ones they would like to have served again.

The program was offered by Chartwells, the food service company that supplies meal services to the District.

“We have had a number of students, who after tasting the snacks, came back asking for more,” said Scott Smith, the District’s food service director.

Students received a set of Mediterranean snack menus (links above) to take home.

Students were also offered a guide about “What makes the Mediterranean diet and so healthy?” The guide includes information on food staples like olive oil, beans and legumes, nuts and seeds, fruits and vegetables and yogurt.


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